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Ol' Skool Company

Every once in awhile
You need some old school company
Somebody that appreciates a sexy groove
And a old school melody
When God his son and the love of family
Ruled in the community
The songs you sing
Lift you up too heaven
A heaven we can believe in

Everybody's talkin' about hard times
Like it just started yesterday
People eye know they've been strugglin'
At least it seems that way
Fat cats on wall street
They got a bailout
While somebody else got too wait
700 billion but my old neighborhood
Ain't nothing changed but the date


Ain't nothing ever come from complaining
Except a bitter heart, that's true
Follow along and you gon' wanna do
Something before the next chorus is thru
The songs we sing
They used too mean somethin'
Now every other one is just mean
Rather than reminisce I'm telling you this
It's time for a brand new scene


Everybody's sinkin' in the quicksand
Created by the keeper of time
Cast aside by using ancient tricks
That changes your state of mind
They got you catering the whims of the flesh
Before you get your paper right
Call me old fashioned
But back in the day
There wasn't no shorties in sight

First come job then come marriage before shorty
Come out with the baby carriage call me
Old fashioned just clap yo hands just clap yo hands
Radio used too be local untouched by the man
Songs we used too sing used too mean something
Now they just bland like the drummer
Where's the real drummer? Michael B.
Mint condition, Morris Day
Jellybean wishin' Sheila E and brother John, sometimes me
'til dawn

If the white house is black
We gotta take the radio back
Power to the people
Power to the people

Put this thing on repeat go back to one
And just move your feet tell your friends Prince and
The mplsound we can't be beat


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